Guidance Notes for Referrers & Download Resources



As a partner organisation you are able to make a referral to the Project if you feel that one of your service users/clients would benefit from the services that we offer. If this is the case please download and complete Form 1 and Form 1a with your client/service user and provide copies to the client and ask them to bring these to the Project.  We will then register them for the provision of food for the period that you have indicated and will contact you when the review is due.

We have developed a toolkit to assist with this process, and the key documents can be downloaded from the right hand panel. These tools are optional should you wish to use them.

We will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the new Approval Process and would welcome feedback from our partners as to how it works, etc.

On behalf of the Project, thank you very much for all the help and support that you provide to the Project and our visitors and volunteers.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the process or the Project please e-mail the Project and we will respond back to you..